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Posted by: M00N0i on Mar 21, 2013 - 09:34 AM More stories on this topic: PostNice

PostNuke was a successful Content Management System (CMS), designed to separate content from design and code.

Development on Postnuke has stopped at some moment in 2008 as the development team chose to take another direction, taking the project on a similar path as Drupal and Joomla, astronomically increasing the complexity of the code and losing the ability to integrate other projects easily.

PostNice is thought as a move "back to the roots" which made the initial success of Postnuke, i.e. as a feature-driven system that privileges flexibility and usability over technical neatness.

Besides the usual advantages of CMS' like ease of use, modularity, flexible appearance and rapid deployment, Postnuke's main advantages were the many features (through modifications submitted by the community) as well as flexibillity (the code was simple to modify because it was simple). The flexible system allowed postnuke to just integrate other big opensource project into postnuke, such as phpBB2, Gallery, etc.

One example of this flexibility is Postnuke's ability to wrap around any PHP code, so that the code will appear as being integral part of the site while even being able to use the Postnuke API functions.

I herewith fork the Postnuke project from its version 0.764, rename it PostNice and vow to drive its development as an opensource project under GPL license.
Anyone agreeing with the philosophy behind PostNice is welcome to join forces with me. Drop me an email to join the team:

The first thing I did was to make Postnuke 0.764 ready for PHP 5 and MySQL 5. You can fetch the package in downloads, along with the newer release of PostNice CMS version 0.765.

I called this unofficial release of Postnuke the "Lazarus Edition", as in "the one who came back from the dead". I updated the code of Postnuke ver. 0.764 to work with PHP 5.3.8 and MySQL 5. This is the last release of Postnuke, subsequent releases will be named "PostNice CMS".

I am now actively developing PostNice CMS.

I could use some help - Come on in and join up!

Cheers, M00N0i (My username is M00N0i, it means "small pig" in Thai language)
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